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Maths Lab

Maths Lab

The Mathematics laboratory is a place where children can experiment and explore patterns and ideas. At Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Vaduthala, the Maths lab provides an opportunity for the students to discover and learn mathematics through doing. Here we have a collection of games, puzzles and other teaching and learning materials. It is used by both students and teachers to explore and develop an interest in Mathematics. The activities are done both in Maths Lab and in Classrooms to give children an experience of doing Mathematics.

List of Hands-on Mathematics activities done in Maths Lab and in Classroom this year

Class I
To identify 2D shapes and organise them to form meaningful objects.
Materials used
Shape Kit (Squares, Circles, Triangles and Rectangles)

Class II
Writing three digit numbers in ascending and descending order.
Materials used
Cards with numbers on it.

Class V
Collecting pictures of monuments in India and to check whether they are symmetrical or not.

Class VI
Sieve of Eratosthenes – To find prime numbers between 1 and 100 by using Ruler,  Pencil, Compass and Protractor

Class VIII
To find the angle, sum, property of a quadrilateral by using Ruler, Pencil, Compass and Protractor.

Class IX
Activity to learn Square roots. – Square root Spiral.
Materials used
Compass, Protractor, Scale and pencil.

Class X
Construction of Clinometer and studying its usage.
Applications of trigonometric equations are done while doing the activity.

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