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03 Aug 2022

icon   Posted Date : Aug 26 , 2022

Aradhana Day was observed reverentially by the staff and students of Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Vaduthala. On the  29th Maha Samadhi Day  of Pujya Gurudev teachers and students gathered at the  beautifully decorated altar  in the school to pay   their  respects to one of the greatest spiritual masters the world has ever seen.
 The program commenced with   Bhajans and it was  an  offering of our love and devotion to Gurudev.Tapovanashtakam composed by
Gurudev's Sikhsha Guru,Swamy Tapovan Maharaj  in praise of Lord Siva was chanted with devotion.  The resonating lilts of  Thapovanashtakam was a becalming experience for all.
The 101 divine names of Gurudev  strung together as a fragrant garland was offered  with deep devotion to him. The  chants of  Chinmaya Ashtothara Shata Namavali,a compilation of the beautiful attributes of Gurudev uplifted our hearts to the great mission   Gurudev had taken up to bring about a spiritual renaissance.
 A speech by one of the  teachers, Ms Girija K,on the importance of the day that is observed as Sadhana Day, emphasized on the importance  of contemplating on Gurudev's work and teachings always.  The need to   remain steadfast in our faith as we sail towards the grand shores of spiritual enlightenment as assured by the grand vision of Gurudev  was stressed upon by the speaker.
 Arathi was offered  to Gurudev and Prasad was distributed.

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